Lets Not Forget the Little Things – Slo-Niacin

In my tips of the day that I text or a email out to participants,  I might say; “if you aren’t using lots of Turmeric – know about it!” Or;  “If you are not running to the bathroom to wiz after every one hour meeting you are not drinking enough water throughout the day.” Finally, I am always ranting on the taking of Slo-Niacin.

Why? This is a weight-loss protocol; isn’t Slo-Niacin just a B-Complex vitamin? Au’ contraire……..

Slo-Niacin has manifold benefits during weight loss and for an energetic, lean, functional life.  Niacin is a B-Complex vitamin improving the health of your skin, nails and eyes. It is awesome in lowering bad cholesterol and raising the good, which fits precisely into our long term strategy for living.

Slo-Niacin is used in the maintenance and care of the lining of your digestive tract. Further it regulates your nervous system.  Most specifically for us, it aids in the metabolizing of protein, carbs, and fat and transforms these compounds into substances that our cells can use for (what we so badly need into today’s crazy, busy world) energy.

(Coming soon to a Blog Post near you – More about Glycogen Stores).

Slo-Niacin is arguably among the most effective, safe, most convenient ways to enhance your cardio vascular  health, and prevent or lessen the risks of heart disease!  It is a perfect fit for the Leanergetic Diet.

One of the many objectives of getting control of our bodies and minds is so we can get out and experience things just like this.

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