If it was easy then everyone would be doing it.  For Teresa, many of our founding members, and myself it has become easy, but it took practice.  Lots of practice. Look, I wasn’t all that happy about brushing my teeth when I was 5 but I learned to do it pretty well.  And now it’s easy.

My dogs Ruben and Annie, the rambunctious weimaraners, were not all that happy about “going to their spot”.  However with enough repetitions of success they got it.  Actually, they really like “their spots” now.  Can you blame them?

So getting lean and growing your energy levels is going to take some work and it is not easy; at first.

But Christopher you are a chef, it has got to be easy, right?  Well,  not always.  That is why we approach the Program with the Good Better Best approach (GBB).  It is all about choices really. 
Some days you do well, some days you do great, and some days you just nail it. You have to live your life.  We have built the program with a few things in mind.  Sustainable weight loss, affordability, taste and comfort, ease and convenience.  Also I make myself available to all participants for help and support.  Anyone not agree?

Anything you hear out there that creates profound results quickly in my opinion is not easy and can not be done over night.  If you want to look great for an event, a reunion, you want to train for  hockey tournament, I can get you there in a hurry……but it is not going to last without some foundation.  What we provide hear at Leanergetix is a cornerstone, a support system and enough repetitions of success to keep you moving an full of engergy!

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