Indian is what my 100 year old Aunt demanded!

And boy was she right.   When the only “centurion” in the family reco’s a restaurant – that is where we are going. And I am dead serious when I say this, IF YOU ARE EVER IN BOISE, GO HERE Remarkable Indian Cuisine .

Doesn’t she look great for 100?  I will print any comments I receive on this post. I will take them to her since she officially retired from the Blogosphere at 98 and cannot type any longer.  That is not to say she doesn’t move like a cat, she is smart like a fox, and she has a bit of that Leanergetic style going for her.

Teresa who was with us of course, went on to ask her if she had had a great life so far.  And she responded with a resounding; “Oh Yes” and a big Aunt Vera smile.  It was a joy and a blessing to get to live through tonight with such an extraordinary woman…Thanks Vera.

How does all of that tie in to your weight loss program?  Well it’s about bang for your buck.  Leanergetix is about health optimization, social fulfillment,  family, and flavor.  It is about doing it right the first time and living in it!

Usually, when I’m on The Program I do not eat anything out of my control (almost nothing).  So if I do go out it is going to be HUGE and at least a better on the GBB scale.   Tonight it was best!  So before I bore you to death here is what we had to eat already.

It was baked spicy chicken served on a sizzling skillet fajita style, curried vegetables, (Hold it Hold it) CHICK PEAS in a tamarind sauce, and tangine baked chicken in turmeric sauce?  (Yes you see a few grains of rice on the plate but they were not necessary to make this dish complete by any stretch of the imagination). It was insanely nutrient rich, and even better on the palate.

I wanted to eat everything in the center of the table and we had ordered family style for 4.  We at every last Lentil!

I could rant until the sun comes up, but I have to prepare a post on ketosis and glycogen depletion and re-read Lyle McDonald’s The Ketegenic Diet.  In my opinion Lyle is arguably the foremost authority on ketegenic and flexible diet plans (until I reared my little head).

Did I say eat until sunrise?   Well this is what I saw first thing this morning after I grew weary of wee hour glycogen research.  I drove up to a high vantage point to watch the sunrise.  Would I have ever been awake to see this, let alone have the energy to get here before my life turned  leanergetic?…I think not!  Enjoy this photo. I must submit it was wildly awesome.


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