Simple, Inexpensive, and Scrumptious

Dr. Bone and I often sit around the dinner table reflecting on why we even have a Swedish Saturday at all sometimes.   “This food is so amazing”. “Wow we really killed it this time”, little Batman bubbles over our heads with each exclamation. (to Andrew Bauman wherever you are), thank you for not letting expletives like, “yikes”, “Blam”, and”Zowie” get too far away from our nomenclature.

So what do we promise on Leanergetix Program? To keep it Simple, Inexpensive, and Tasty.  Is that possible?

Well, take the most nutrient rich item on the planet since the yogurt covered pretzels; Yellow Split Peas! They can be substituted for rice or small pastas in most applications in the kitchen.  And they are great all different kinds of ways.  They can even be substituted for “Shramp” in the famous Forrest Gump dialogue as far as variety goes.

You say no way – I say WAY.  Check this out;

One thought on “Simple, Inexpensive, and Scrumptious

  1. …and with all the kids out there "out growing" us and us "out living" them, this is great stuff. As parents we need to understand the value in good foods and the importance of them, especially with our young ones moving around less. The public school system claims that our kiddos get 3-5 hours of physical education per week…but studies also tells us that for each hour of P.E, the students actually move around for 4-7 minutes. Talk about short shifting, I mean; that would be like playing on a hockey team with 50 guys on the bench. Serve the right stuff and turn off the TV. Throw away the Wii and get a trampoline set up in the neighbourhood. Yes I know what you are thinking, injuries!?! I would rather have my child break an arm or twist an ankle growing up(most of us have), than he or she die of a heart attack before I retire. I'll come back to school lunches and snack machines in the hallways…

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