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My Film debut, Awesome Ketchum Residents, and Powder Magazine.

My film Debut

As more requests for a better quality video on how to make the High Protein, Low and Slow Carb, “Bad Ass Orange Roughy” recipe have been rolling in, I was able to shoot this in my spare time.  Since this is filmed post workout, and my make up assistant is doing a bikini spread in Bora Bora this week, (not to mention my image consultant is probably a gassed that I would choose today to step on to the business end of a camera) this is the best I could do with my Giada impersonation.

Spectacular Encounters

With that video now going viral on You Tube now I wanted to talk a little about some remarkable things that have happened to me that are just great stories of humanity.

First, the Bone and I were driving into Silver Creek on a brisk but sunny November day to catch the tail end of the epic Thanksgiving helgramite hatch. Since our recently acquired Leanergetix energy levels were hitting all time highs, our already silly life of peregrination was taking us from epic adventure to epic adventure.  As we pulled across the ever-soothing wash-boarded Kilpatrick bridge we saw this dapper gentleman from Scotland enjoying a pipe between Native Idaho Kamloops runs.  Notice he is not wearing and gloves brrrrrrr.

Well, Lonnie (the only one in the picture) not seeming to be the type to complain, let us know the hatch was on and he had to step out of the arctic waters by virtue of the fact his hands were so cold.  I offered him some hand warmers and at that exact moment remembered I  had an extra mismatched pair of fingerless convertible mittens in my McGyver kit.  I gave them to him and we went on our merry way.  Lonnie had warm hands and I was gleaming with socially altruistic joy.  The fishing and time spent with The Bone on the Creek that day was awesome.
Fast forward to 2 weeks ago near the Silver Creek Conservatory building for my last CutBrown adventure of the season.  Coincidentally, (My first thought was to use ironically here but all of you self proclaimed Internet copywriters would be all over me like a hobo on a chopped brisket sandwich from Goodwood BBQ) I was feverishly tearing the F-250 up looking for everything I had misplaced earlier that week and most notably, my good set of matching fingerless mittens (for you slower readers that is my good pair ~ no Lonnie doesn’t have them). 
****Rabbit Trail Alert****** Fishing Hack – Wear latex gloves under your mittens for maximum warmth while preserving tippet feel.  It will change your life.
I am back on track now and to make a long story longer ~ I was chatting with this amazingly interesting Sun Valley resident that was in incredible health even with 88 youthful years under his belt.  He kind of appeared out of nowhere beside my pickup as I exited.  He just wanted to chat with someone I supposed. I noticed immediately this man was something special.  He  was genuine, caring, passed on some hunting access spots, and even some fishing secrets.  These types are few and far between.
But those pesky gloves.  While I continued to get dressed in my “Jack Hall, Day after tomorrow arctic fishing suit” ~~ notice the incredible resemblance, this seasoned outdoors man talked of nostalgic days gone by.   
The sportsman (let’s call him Otis as I am awaiting permission to disclose his identity and a cool photo) Otis, tells me of his impending near death experience some 20 years before.  Type 2 Diabetes.  “But wait Otis! You have incredible energy. You are out here hunting Chukars of all things. You look as healthy as they come.  To what do you attribute your comeback?”
“Well, to whom would be my wonderful wife and of course my doctor too. And to what?  My nutritional lifestyle my doctor insisted on”, he emphatically stated.  He excitedly went on and on about his diet (as I might  in rare circumstances).  “Christopher, I have been eating a High Protein, Slow Carbohydrate diet for 20 years now.  It has been simple and I like it.  No white refined carbohydrates a lot of Silver Creek Trout (author embellished paraphrase).
I am not shitting you, he sold the Leanergetix Program to me right there on the banks of The Creek.  It was surreal, a jaw-dropping moment for me.  But as always, that is not all.
As you remember I was rummaging through my truck trying to find my fingerless mittens.  Just about the time I had torn the bed liner out of my pickup looking, Otis appears with a battle worn pair of toasty wool fingerless mittens.  “Here you go.  You can return these to me when you come by the house in Sun Valley for a cocktail next time you are up”.  
photo.JPGAre you f**85ng joking me.  Chills ran across the hair on my back.  This Otis was unforgettable! He told great stories and jokes (that can’t be repeated in this family friendly forum), and he just had a sweet spirit.  I can’t wait to see him again.  If you don’t believe in paying it forward, I think you ought to sit in a semester with Kevin Spacey.  These things don’t happen in this day and age, do they?
Now, to this weekend in Sun Valley.  Not only the great family time and shared Swedish Saturday:

Not only the Keep Moving and everything is epic landscape;

But I met two more amazing Sun Valley residents that gave to me without expectation.  Boy I am really liking Ketchum, ID these days.  I rolled into the Starbuck’s after my morning adventures taking photos and the setting was so inviting. There was an artist playing indie music of some kind off in the corner and there were free unhealthy treats I avoided, neatly displayed on the bar top against the window.  Immediately I bumped into the most friendly gentleman.  A skiing enthusiast who was selling the Ketchum story as if he was trying to re-elect Randy Hall.

Powder Magazine

Now I chewed his ear off with why life was so great and he cheerfully gave me a gratis, extra smooth, Smith Optics Beanie to show Ketchum’s thanks for my patronage.  As if that wasn’t enough he then handed me a 30 year anniversary edition of “Powder Magazine”.   He then directed me to a “photo spectacular” article by, Jake Moe on the history of Powder Magazine.  This is Lodge coffee table material (if you would like to buy a massive lodge coffee table call me 208-724-3791).  The name on the article was familiar however, being I only ski March and Aprils’ in shorts, on top of hero snow, the name was only vaguely familiar.  I had skimmed through Powder and enjoyed over the years but I always thought is was more for the eyebrow deep, obsessive types.  Definitely not me.

I have been converted.  What a spectacular story and issue. Powder 40th Anniversary Issue Here.

What I came to find out is this energetic, extra awesome, powder hound, was Jake Moe himself. The author of that killer history of Powder.  Not only that, he is the founder of Powder Magazine.  And I thought he was a well meaning barista – completely mind blowing.

Nothing more could possibly happen on this epic early Sunday morning in Ketchum that had been so eventful thus far….. But it was only 8:30 AM (oh the energy).  So as your pastor used to say 30 minutes before the end of his sermon every Sunday, “IN CLOSING”:

I returned to my trusted GMC Denali only to find that I had left my lights on after photographing a herd of elk up the east fork of the Wood earlier that morning.  Hence a dead battery.  Only after standing on the intersection in Downtown Ketchum with my “will work for jump start” sign for a few short minutes, and nearly suffering the ill effects of a grand-maul seizure, I returned to the comfort and warmth of the Starbucks/Visitors Center.  (Apparently Sun Valley residents commuting through Ketchum are terrified of would be panhandlers. I me c’mon you think that I do not know where the best free continental breakfasts are in the valley).

Inside the Cafe I humbly requested the assistance of any would be mechanic. Once again as if it were fate a wonderfully kind fellow, clad in killer Patagonia puffer coat, came to my assistance.  We chatted a while and jumped the limping Denali back to health.  A firm handshake and off to the whacky shred fest on the mountain he went.  Another extra specially awesome human interaction in Ketchum.  Who was this stranger?  Well it was Don who boasts Sturtavants as his passion, and maybe owns some additional interests there.  Sturtavant’s is an outdoor enthusiasts shop in Hailey and Ketchum. I will go and shop there more than usual because of Don being such a great guy.

Wow there is something this town. Eating right. People always moving, staying active, being kind, and just overall common decency.  I would deem it especially rich (not $), and functional living.  I now declare Ketchum my third home.  Behind 1 Boise and 2 Hagerman as if you were interested.  It should be noted I will not be paying property taxes there however.  What a great life we can have if we only live a little each day!       Cheers.



Hockey…Fly Fishing…Weight Loss: 3 Lessons on ACTION

1) Hockey

I was blessed this weekend with the opportunity to play hockey in McCall, ID inside what is arguably one of the most spectacular barns around, Manchester Ice center! As usual I was the least skilled player on all rosters, but this time not necessarily the least fit. Not by a long shot (sorry guys).

What else is awesome is that I was able to play with a couple of recently retired NHL Players and a few others that could have been in “The Show” if things would have played out a little differently.  It is more than surreal.

Over 70 years playing hockey, he is more than an inspiration, he is a legend!

Now what is most exciting for me is that the four pairs of steel that rode the ice this weekend are actually participants in “The Program”.  All of which turned heads with their newly earned energy and leaner physiques (Leanergetix eh!).  As a matter of fact many memorable comments were made like the following ones which one overhears in the locker room:

“Claunch used to look like John Kruk on ice, but now being leaner he just looks like Will Ferrell out there!”

If I had a dollar for every person that says I remind them of Will Ferrell

And my favorite:
“I was taking notes out there on Ron‘s game and I had to stop cause I ran out of pages!”
~Ex NHLer with 2 Stanley Cup Rings~

I could go on all day.

Now I say all of that because my friend Ron was spectacular this weekend putting 5 in the basket in our first game.  What is cool is that he didn’t pursue professional hockey.  No he chose to follow his passions in life.
Moreover, what I think is important  here is that he knew what he wanted to in life and against conventional wisdom, he took subsequent action and did it until it was unsustainable. 
Although he didn’t end up working in his first passion forever, he worked on and eventually was faced with another crossroads later in life.  Once again he took the tough road.  He chose to go after his passion.  He took action!

Today he is the Best Realtor in the world right here in Boise, Idaho.  (and he still plays hockey with The Greatest Hockey Club on ICE too!)

 Life Lesson: Don’t be a linking verb! When passion calls, answer!

2) Fly Fishing

Now you’re probably thinking, where is this jackass going with this?  What does this have to do with fly fishing or weight loss?  Keep your pants on cha cha, I will get there.

The Bone and I fly fish quite often when the weather is right like this beautiful November day on Silver Creek (42 Degrees, Sunny).  As you can see she is stalking the elusive Idaho Native BrownBow.  Now fly fishing Silver Creek is quite challenging.  The fish are wary, the water is crystal clear, and they are getting rattlin spoons thrown at them almost all year long.  That being said you have to approach getting these fish to rise to your fly with a skillful strategy.  Often times we are subjected to using small tippets and two flys (which never tangle).  Please see professional fly fishing diagram I drew up to help my nieces and nephews.

So we fish with an emerger and a dropper.  The dropper sinks a little behind the dry fly and the dry fly moves or drops abruptly when and fish strikes.  That being said, the bites are sometimes very subtle.  So I gently and lovingly advised The Bone to raise her rod tip if she even had a sneaking suspicion that the fly moved or sunk. She dutifully responded with big fish.  And then her hooking percentage improved dramatically.

Truth be told, The Bone does get all Brad Pitt on me occasionally and I find her shawdow casting on the banks of the MALAD in Hagerman, ID.

As we talked about the experience several times over the last couple of weeks we revisited this experience as the “why not lift the rod tip (take action), if you don’t you will not catch a fish for sure. But if you try it, you just might!”  So what have you lost if just take action?  Nothing.  Pretty good risk/reward profile eh?

Life Lesson: Don’t be a linking verb, Take action!

3) Losing Weight:

You are now thinking OMG, more?  Anyone ever tell you the horse is dead? Well the answer is yes, but I really enjoy hearing myself talk.

When I was 290 lbs. there were two doctors that mentioned to me with candor (and I paraphrase), “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not 5 years from now, but if you don’t take action, you will die.”

As I thought about making a life change, I thought, “what do I have to lose if I give it a whirl?  Maybe some time, a little discomfort, a few less chocolate covered peanuts?”Additionally I thought to myself over and over, “How do I feel after I eat whether it is fish and chips or if I eat a Chicken and arugula salad?” FULL that is how I feel. (Full without the guilt on the later)

Nutshell; I almost gave up the life I had today for a few seconds of pleasing comfort food and a few refreshing beers each day.

What should I do, “Take action and learn about nutrition delivery and timing and reinvent my diet, or do nothing and blow up like a June bug!” Now that is a pretty easy risk equation isn’t it? I took action. I studied for years on nutrient delivery and timing and created The Program.

Life Lesson: Don’t be a linking verb, Get on the Program!