Hockey…Fly Fishing…Weight Loss: 3 Lessons on ACTION

1) Hockey

I was blessed this weekend with the opportunity to play hockey in McCall, ID inside what is arguably one of the most spectacular barns around, Manchester Ice center! As usual I was the least skilled player on all rosters, but this time not necessarily the least fit. Not by a long shot (sorry guys).

What else is awesome is that I was able to play with a couple of recently retired NHL Players and a few others that could have been in “The Show” if things would have played out a little differently.  It is more than surreal.

Over 70 years playing hockey, he is more than an inspiration, he is a legend!

Now what is most exciting for me is that the four pairs of steel that rode the ice this weekend are actually participants in “The Program”.  All of which turned heads with their newly earned energy and leaner physiques (Leanergetix eh!).  As a matter of fact many memorable comments were made like the following ones which one overhears in the locker room:

“Claunch used to look like John Kruk on ice, but now being leaner he just looks like Will Ferrell out there!”

If I had a dollar for every person that says I remind them of Will Ferrell

And my favorite:
“I was taking notes out there on Ron‘s game and I had to stop cause I ran out of pages!”
~Ex NHLer with 2 Stanley Cup Rings~

I could go on all day.

Now I say all of that because my friend Ron was spectacular this weekend putting 5 in the basket in our first game.  What is cool is that he didn’t pursue professional hockey.  No he chose to follow his passions in life.
Moreover, what I think is important  here is that he knew what he wanted to in life and against conventional wisdom, he took subsequent action and did it until it was unsustainable. 
Although he didn’t end up working in his first passion forever, he worked on and eventually was faced with another crossroads later in life.  Once again he took the tough road.  He chose to go after his passion.  He took action!

Today he is the Best Realtor in the world right here in Boise, Idaho.  (and he still plays hockey with The Greatest Hockey Club on ICE too!)

 Life Lesson: Don’t be a linking verb! When passion calls, answer!

2) Fly Fishing

Now you’re probably thinking, where is this jackass going with this?  What does this have to do with fly fishing or weight loss?  Keep your pants on cha cha, I will get there.

The Bone and I fly fish quite often when the weather is right like this beautiful November day on Silver Creek (42 Degrees, Sunny).  As you can see she is stalking the elusive Idaho Native BrownBow.  Now fly fishing Silver Creek is quite challenging.  The fish are wary, the water is crystal clear, and they are getting rattlin spoons thrown at them almost all year long.  That being said you have to approach getting these fish to rise to your fly with a skillful strategy.  Often times we are subjected to using small tippets and two flys (which never tangle).  Please see professional fly fishing diagram I drew up to help my nieces and nephews.

So we fish with an emerger and a dropper.  The dropper sinks a little behind the dry fly and the dry fly moves or drops abruptly when and fish strikes.  That being said, the bites are sometimes very subtle.  So I gently and lovingly advised The Bone to raise her rod tip if she even had a sneaking suspicion that the fly moved or sunk. She dutifully responded with big fish.  And then her hooking percentage improved dramatically.

Truth be told, The Bone does get all Brad Pitt on me occasionally and I find her shawdow casting on the banks of the MALAD in Hagerman, ID.

As we talked about the experience several times over the last couple of weeks we revisited this experience as the “why not lift the rod tip (take action), if you don’t you will not catch a fish for sure. But if you try it, you just might!”  So what have you lost if just take action?  Nothing.  Pretty good risk/reward profile eh?

Life Lesson: Don’t be a linking verb, Take action!

3) Losing Weight:

You are now thinking OMG, more?  Anyone ever tell you the horse is dead? Well the answer is yes, but I really enjoy hearing myself talk.

When I was 290 lbs. there were two doctors that mentioned to me with candor (and I paraphrase), “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not 5 years from now, but if you don’t take action, you will die.”

As I thought about making a life change, I thought, “what do I have to lose if I give it a whirl?  Maybe some time, a little discomfort, a few less chocolate covered peanuts?”Additionally I thought to myself over and over, “How do I feel after I eat whether it is fish and chips or if I eat a Chicken and arugula salad?” FULL that is how I feel. (Full without the guilt on the later)

Nutshell; I almost gave up the life I had today for a few seconds of pleasing comfort food and a few refreshing beers each day.

What should I do, “Take action and learn about nutrition delivery and timing and reinvent my diet, or do nothing and blow up like a June bug!” Now that is a pretty easy risk equation isn’t it? I took action. I studied for years on nutrient delivery and timing and created The Program.

Life Lesson: Don’t be a linking verb, Get on the Program!



One thought on “Hockey…Fly Fishing…Weight Loss: 3 Lessons on ACTION

  1. Claunchers! You are by far, one of the exceptional few. I found this to be deeply inspiring and plan to follow your findings from here on out. Continue being that spark! Peace brother, and our days on the ice together will happen again someday! My gratitudes, McGinnis

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