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Casseolets and The Better Than HCG Diet

I wish you people would quit prying into my private life but if you must know how became so obsessed with rapid weight loss I will tell.

You know how it all started for me? The HCG protocol. Did it work? Absolutely it did. It is strict, insanely strict and MUST it be medically supervised as far as I am concerned. It does.  1-2 pounds a day if you are precise with execution.  From 290 to 245 on this protocol I went, but I zig-zagged up and down. If you are not precise it can be disastrous, the opposite affect can occur.  But for those who nothing else seems to work, maybe you should give it a shot.  If nothing else you will learn about portions, high quality proteins, and what the body is capable of under disciplined conditions.

Now that ladies and gentleman is a fit pastor, humbly speaking of course

Now what HCG helps with during the extremely low calorie diet phase (P1) is the hunger and cravings. The first phase is fairly easy (for me at least). However the difficulty for me was transitioning from (P1) to phase 2 (P2).

I normally stray from controversy or at least keep it to dietary cholesterol, kale, and egg yolks, but today I want to mention a hypothesis that I can never test.  A pregnant woman could survive off of body fat alone because of the miraculous power of HCG in her system.  She would receive all of the necessary nutrients for her body fat as directed by the hypothalamus using the HCG hormone.  Research for yourself.  That is just a hypothesis.

(P2) of the protocol is the No Sugar, No Starch phase seems to give many people trouble. I had already been experimenting with a group who were diabetic and using a modified protocol to achieve their weight loss goals in the Pacific Northwest. Since I was deep in throws of ADHD as usual, I could not stick the protocol and I felt compelled to experiment with modifications myself. How bout a little more food, and adding exercise (which is not recommended on the protocol).  Self experimentation has taught me so much over the years and I was driven to learn more so I tinkered, and landed with a high protein, high fat, low non-fiber carbohydrate (NFC) protocol. We named it “The Program”.

Experiment I did.  I discovered maybe you don’t have to do the protocol at all. How bout if you do the no sugar no starch (P2)  and don’t ingest any HCG at all?  Just start with no sugar no starch (P2).  Instead seek to your fill of your carbohydrate deficiency you experience on many high protein diets, with fiber rich carbs (complex be careful here non-white refined carbs).  Add a 1000 calories of fat and NFC.  Get that load from beans and lentils, avocados and nuts?  What a hypothesis.  Many of you are just starting to realize that I am not only judiciously humble, but formidably intelligent as well!

Well their you have it – the Leanergetix motivation.  That coupled with the 93 other diets and workout programs I had tried that just didn’t quite work (I had by then abandoned the Coors Light Diet).  I just self experimented, did a phenomenal amount of research, and I found that “The Program” works. 

I discovered the life changing La Croix at this time

What about your obsession with the little fiber rich, nutrient riddled ground dwellers? Let me tell you how this came to pass!  I was searching on the information superhighway for recipes for lentils and beans and I found a little information on why beans and lentils had fallen from popularity in the mainstream.  One of the many reasons was that they were considered peasant food in many cultures. That stigma, coupled with the methane that can be created in the low abdomen from eating non-soaked or non-rinsed legumes was the death sentence for this lovely little creatures.  They faded from popularity.

Ok, we could brush it under the rug, but it just might linger there.  I know from experience if you prepare legumes improperly, or eat a lot of sugar alcohol, you will diminish the population you have of family and friends.  While experimenting I received plenty of calls from the boys at Berkley, asking questions about the seismic activity in my drawers. It doesn’t have to be this way.  Simply rinse your beans thoroughly or soak them overnight if you are using dried.  Also, eat “THE BAR”, only one per day, and stay away from anything with sugar alcohol in it.  There you have been warned.  Back to the captivating story.

Additionally I found several recipes for a dish called casseolettes.  They are simply dried beans, a meat, and vegetables placed in a roasting pan in the morning, and taken out at upon returning home from work.  A complete nutritious kick ass tasting meal.  Take that Jenny.  Well that is how it started.

As a result of this quest I also had to find a meal replacement with high protein, high fiber, high vitamins, high healthy fat, and low NFCs (WFC). I went looking for a bar I could eat as a supplement that had the same characteristics as the casseolettes. And this was wonderfully eye opening exercise.  I searched high and low.  Near and far.  Low Fat, High Fiber, No Sugar, All Natural, Pure Protein, recommended by Dr. Oz., blah blah blah.  Its all shit!  SUGAR, SUGAR ALCOHOL, SUCRALOSE, CANE, you name it they all have sugar.  443 bars later I had almost given up.

It wouldn’t be one of my posts without a couple of significant digressions,  so here it goes again.

I went with my pops into a GNC today in Santa Clarita, CA (actually several because the first ones didn’t carry “THE BAR”).  Well, I met two gorgeous and knowledgeable young ladies (yes they were crazy about us, can you blame them?  They are only human), Dera and Gaby.  They were so bright so positive, they even wished us a happy 2013 – extra-specially awesome customer experience!!!!!

Anyway Dera had tried “THE BAR” and we shared enthusiastic notes.  Well those of you that know my dad know know he needs to be on “Leanergetix, “The Program””. Granted he has lost 20 lbs over the last few months, sometimes it is just a matter of someone like me teaching him what to eat and when. So I asked him to give me a week and that would be enough to get the momentum going.  Trips back to GNC down the street to see Dera and Gaby notwithstanding.

In previous attempts to show dad the joys of Leanergetix I had led him astray.  I recommended a bar that was awesome tasting but full of sugar and non-fiber carbs.  (NFC)  Bad me, bad.

Back to the epicurean BAR experience at the GNC.  So Dera and I agreed that we favored chocolate the best, although Vanilla Almond and Cinnamon Roll are certainly badass.  (Ouch 6 grams of sugar alcohol in Cinnamon roll) I also tried the sugar alcohol infested Banana Nut Bar, and I must say definitely in the badass category,  but not an acceptable nutritional profile for the Program.  We then talked of the bliss and joy experienced when placing “The Bar” in the microwave for 10 seconds.  STOP ME STOP ME – Dera, try a little almond butter on it when it comes out – are you fuckin joking me?

I had found “THE BAR” – Finally I could snack on a delicious treat that met the rigorous demands of “The Program”.  I am absolutely giddy about these bars.  You can bet those marketeers at Quest will want to place a photo of yours truly on their boxes one day just like La Croix does!  I think it goes without saying.

If you haven’t heard of Quest Bars KNOW ABOUT IT!  just check the label for the proper ones.

If you would like me to be the poster child on one of your products please call me at 208-615-lean.

In closing, Jennifer Aniston if you are reading this, I will be your personal trainer and chef for no charge!  THE PROGRAM WORKS.


Weight Loss Resoution? Don’t Get Sick!

What is L-Glutamine

Glutamine is an amino acid or protein building block produced by the body. It serves a variety of functions in supporting the IMMUNE, nerve, and digestive systems. Glutamine occurs naturally in the body and is also found in many of the leanergetix foods most importantly, lentils and beans! Morevover if you are eating whole foods like the recommended  poultry, cottage or ricotta cheese, spinach, kale and cabbage. Red meats like wild game and Bison are further excellent sources of Glutamine.  Along with the benefits, glutamine also has some side effects and I would not be doing you a quality service if I didn’t at least mention them.
If you are going to change your life in the form of a new years resolution you need to prepare your body for the shock of the change.  If you are changing you diet (90% of the weight loss quotient), or starting to exercise vigorously, your immune system is going to experience stress.  Not to mention the psychological stress of dieting (see The Great Starvation Experiment).  So if you must resolve and make a change, take your Glutamine.

Starvation Experimentation – Psychology

This book covered a little known but true experiment done towards the end of World War II in the US, where researchers wanted to learn how to help people who had endured serious famine and starvation recover. However, where to get the human subjects?
With war comes Conscientious Objectors (COs) and so a number of them (all men, of course) signed up and went through a selection process for the year-long project. They would be systematically (and voluntarily) starved for a period of time to enable scientists to find out how best to help famine victims recover.
The Principal Investigate (PI) was Dr. Ancel Keys – he who invented the K Ration for military personnel (that later became Meals Ready to Eat/MREs).  (Keys was also going to be responsible later on for linking cholesterol with heart disease.)
Funded by the U.S. Army and located in the basement of the University of Minnesota football stadium, 36 men were chosen and invited to make their new home in the dormitory set up. There, they would have to face a nearly constant battery of medical tests (along with psychological tests as well), and fulfill the expectation of walking at least 22 miles/week – all on the honor system of not eating off the official diet. (They could walk into town where there were restaurants etc. so the temptation was there.)
Such an experiment would not be allowed now as medical ethics have evolved, but back then, it was OK. The US knew that WWII would lead to widespread famine post-war, there was a group of healthy young men (all COs) who were willing to sign up for their country and their idealism, and there was available funding.
This was really quite a fascinating story (especially during the actual starvation stage). The subjects could eat during the starvation phase of the project, but it was extremely-controlled calorie-wise and menu-wise. The average man lost 25% of his beginning body weight and the photos documenting this weight loss are dramatic. (Life magazine did a special article on the experiment towards the end when the men had lost most of their weight.)
It was also intriguing to see how the lack of fuel affected the men, both physically and mentally. One man was booted out of the experiment for cheating and eating extra food (found out as he wasn’t losing weight at the same rate as the others).  Everyone else stayed the course, although not without event. Other results also noted included hearing being more acute during starvation (perhaps from the need to hunt for food?), and intellect not being adversely affected (although the subjects reported that they felt less smart when they were hungry).
As for the end results of the project, researchers learned how to effectively help famine victims recover. Previous knowledge was that the best way to re-introduce food to a starving person was through a stomach tube. Keys’ study showed that it was important just to give them calories, not a special complicated mix of proteins, carbs and fats. Food was what they needed. (This project also helped with treatment of those with eating disorders, as those have a very similar effect on the human body as this experiment did.)

When it comes to big changes it is important we understand nutrient delivery, timing, and our body’s response to these variables.  I digress…….


Glutamine is an important amino acid in a variety of metabolic processes. It helps regulate the body’s pH, or the balance of acids and bases, required for the proper functioning of cells. It also helps  regulate blood glucose levels and can be converted to glucose or energy for the body when needed, according to the vitamins and health supplements guide website. Glutamine also supports the HGH, or human growth hormone secretion. HGH plays a large role in fat metabolism and muscle growth.

Glutamine peptides are sold as a nutritional supplement to improve muscle and soft tissue repair following exercise, injury or surgery. While glutamine is generally well-tolerated, glutamine peptides are more potent and may result in side effects. Consult with your physician prior to using a supplement containing glutamine peptides.

Bottom Line – when you deliver nutrients is as important as what you deliver.  i suggest if you are going on a new program, take your Glutamine.  It may just keep you out of the doctor’s office.

Energy – The Garage Project

The energy we have received as a benefit of the Leanergetic Diet is a surplus of energy.  You can not just tell people they will have more energy, you have to show them.  I have heard so many of our program participants say “it is the energy I can’t believe I’ve gained.  It is mind blowing”.

Yes, you fell so much better when you are eating right, but that is not sexy, that does not sell.  So as I went through the Program with a new aspiring group of Participants in the early Fall this year, I had unexplainable energy.  What did I do?  I cleaned the garage and epoxied the floor.

Life Changer

Unbelievable what you can do with your new found energy