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How to Carry a Heavy Bag without Wrecking Your Body

This is so true. The laptop. The iPad. The Water. The Protein Bars. The Cords. The Magazines you Never Read. The Softball for Rolling Out Back Pain Created by Your Overloaded Bag. the Lentils. the Chicken. The Broccoli Florets.

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The best bag is an empty bag — perhaps something that looks sharp slouched off the shoulder or slung low by the hip. But more often than not, our bags are loaded with all sorts of junk that make them heavy pains in the neck (and back). With the back to school season upon us, kids aren’t the only ones having to haul huge backpacks around. Here’s how to carry a heavy bag (from messenger bags to totes to double-strappers) without needing a trip to the physical therapist (or worse).


Carry That Weight — The Need-to-Know 

Bags have been a huge boon since very early in human history — ancient texts and drawings show men in particular carrying trinkets around in small bags. Just like us, hunter-gatherers used bags to schlep their stuff (usually wood or food).

More modern packs were used starting in the early 20th century, but…

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