Ashton Kutcher on being a “magnificent failure”

The reocurring theme of just admitting your vurneability – and coming from ashton wow. reminds me of my favorite trading mentor “admit you are wrong, learn, move on”

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“I am a magnificent failure,” Ashton Kutcher announced on the TEDYouth stage in New Orleans earlier today. “I screw up so much it hurts.”

The star of television show Two and a Half Men said this not to be self-deprecating or to beat up on himself, but to drive home the point that failure is a part of life — and one that can prompt profound “aha” moments. “You see, you have to take a risk to be a magnificent failure. The most successful people I know in the world are magnificent failures,” he said. (Read a write-up of Kutcher’s talk, as it is not yet available on video. While you’re there, read recaps of the other wonderful speakers at today’s conference.)

Kutcher was originally slated to give a much lighter talk at TEDYouth — on the things he learned working as a dishwasher, a butcher and a…

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