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Chixs are for Kids

People ask me all of the time, will children eat the meals you prepare for the Leanergetic lifestyle?  Indeed they will. As a matter of fact they eat it up!

If you have to say “no pun intended” it wasn’t all that clever in the first place (CHICKPEAS).

Digression ensues; back to the point.  If you make it they will come.  My sweet little niece Abigale loves our Leanergetix meals and snacks!  Granted she is 3 so she likes her treats too! I took a photo of this plate of lemon cordon blue, sauteed’ mini bellos, broccoli chips, and CHICKPEAS because we knew she would like it!

She didn’t just like it she said she loved it!  If you don’t believe me,  just ask me.

She ate every bite and enthusiastically showed me the final product.

Nuff said

Not that a 3-year-old needs a program or  personal trainer, however it is a great foundation for functional active living later in life.  All they need is their own body weight and some space.  We do not feed Abby the program every meal. We simply put most of the items on her plate, possibly a few others when we are having a family meal together.  She usually gravitates towards the healthy whole foods. She is no dummy.  Believe it or not she had a shrimp appetizer, she asked for it, it was in the ice box……what a supper.

As I continue to cross weak excuses off my own list of why I can’t do the program, i.e.; “I have 2 small children and I only have time to cook one meal”, seeing the previous example of Abby, it kind of throws some excuses out the window, doesn’t it?  I think I may write a book of top 100 reasons I can’t change my eating habits?  What do you think?  (For all you readers I have offended it couldn’t hurt to try – email me at and I will shoot you the recipe).

Whip this little daisy up and see how it goes.  Today was another REMARKABLE day on the Program.