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Nothing tastes as good as six pack feels

Need I say more?

You ever notice you never hear people that look like this saying, “it was easy”  or “I did this in 10 days.”?

Stay tuned for more information on our Six pack solstice competition that will run from the first Sunday after Thanksgiving until the end of the world 12/21/2012.


Need Energy? Want to loose belly fat? Get Leanergetic here

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We are going to have a contest to see which team can lose the highest percentage of weight between now and Thursday November 22nd
This is not a crash diet – we are going to make small changes in our eating and drinking behaviors that will result in profound changes in our body composition.  Our goal is to become lighter and leaner simultaneously.  If our goal was simply to lose pounds, that would be easy.  However that goal would only yield short term results. I know as I have been testing this for 5 years now.

My hope for all of us is that we achieve long-term adherence – become “LEANERGETIC” if you will.   

Does this mean you will be on Program Plus forever? No in fact the contra-positive applies here.  You can create flexible eating programs based on what you respond well to and what you like the most.  The knowledge and experience gained in a short 4-5 week “competition” that incorporates game theory and accountability – it will lead to long-term habits enabling us to maintain lean muscle and fitness over time.  If you want to continue on just continue the week after thanksgiving.  It is all about functional living.

If you get out and get moving, anything can happen.  However, we could not do things like winter fishing before we discovered this new way of life.

There is a huge group of people out there just like us.  For the most part we eat well, we may drink too much on the weekends or regularly in moderation, we like french fries and chocolate, and we are active.  The problem still exists that the odds are stacked against us without knowledge of how nutrient delivery and timing works in our body!  Also, when does exercise become imperative?
Business travel, post pregnancy,  eating on the go, children to contend with, busy schedules, and simply not knowing what to eat when, how to cook, or both.  This adds up to the bulge creeping up on us.  Without a thorough understanding of nutrient delivery and timing, labeling, what foods compliment the others, and things like camouflaged sugars (sugar alcohol, sucralose, maltodextrine, cane extract, etc.  ***Sugar Demystified coming soon) we are doomed.  Consider this an education into what to eat and when; and build out your own functional life design from there.  
A flexible eating plan for life that allows for functional living and the social joy and comfort of eating, that we have come to know as such an important part of our lives, is still achievable.  Some people just need a little prompting, a little direction, a little knowledge.

Our day to day objective will be to create an environment inside of our bodies that will maintain a stable and consistent blood sugar level (thus preventing insulin spikes and cravings for sweets and pasta that encourage digestive fat-storage).  Additionally we will start metabolizing as soon as we wake and we will ingest nutrients and supplements into our bodies that will act as a furnace inside of our digestive systems (always burning fat and always building muscle).  The supplementation, nutrient delivery and timing will produce another positive side effect, these actions release Serotonin from the stomach to the brain (where most of it lives moving to where it should be) thus making us happier more energetic people.  Leanergetix are designed to do this with as little inconvenience as possible.
Approach the Leanergetic life with the good, better, best mentality.  Green tea is good, 2 cups of green tea a day is better, 2 cups of green tea with cinnamon is best.  Eggs cooked in butter because you are on the road is good.  Eggs cooked in olive oil better.  Eggs cooked in Olive Oil Spray best.  Just make good choices and be bold about asking for substitutions and special preparations.  Restaurants will gladly do it.  Trust me I ask every time I go into one as if I own the place!
Be prepared – travel with hard boiled eggs, prepared chicken breast, packets of tuna, salsa, a zip lock bag of prepared yellow split peas etc.  Fiber is the hardest source to find on the go.

And you too may one day fit back into your favorite dress like I did on October 31, 2012