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Simple, Inexpensive, and Scrumptious

Dr. Bone and I often sit around the dinner table reflecting on why we even have a Swedish Saturday at all sometimes.   “This food is so amazing”. “Wow we really killed it this time”, little Batman bubbles over our heads with each exclamation. (to Andrew Bauman wherever you are), thank you for not letting expletives like, “yikes”, “Blam”, and”Zowie” get too far away from our nomenclature.

So what do we promise on Leanergetix Program? To keep it Simple, Inexpensive, and Tasty.  Is that possible?

Well, take the most nutrient rich item on the planet since the yogurt covered pretzels; Yellow Split Peas! They can be substituted for rice or small pastas in most applications in the kitchen.  And they are great all different kinds of ways.  They can even be substituted for “Shramp” in the famous Forrest Gump dialogue as far as variety goes.

You say no way – I say WAY.  Check this out;


Broccoli Obrien’s

We have made the Broccoli stem a staple in our program from the very start.  If you are looking for cruciferous (stemmy and leafy) vegetable look no further than the Broccoli stem! Here is a look at culinary compatriot and friend Mike whipping up a few in the kitchen Saturday Morning.

Broccoli stems are as nutritious as the broccoli crown. One hundred grams of broccoli stems contains 28 calories, 2.98 grams of protein, 48 milligrams of calcium, .88 milligrams of iron, 25 milligrams of magnesium, 325 milligrams of potassium, 27 milligrams of sodium and 400 IU of vitamin A. One hundred grams of broccoli florets contains identical nutrition information, making broccoli stems just as healthy and vitamin-packed as the more visually appealing broccoli florets.

I cook them in chicken bullion for about six minutes and throw them in the fridge until I need them then saute them in with veggies in a little olive oil spray.  Delicious.  

If it was easy then everyone would be doing it.  For Teresa, many of our founding members, and myself it has become easy, but it took practice.  Lots of practice. Look, I wasn’t all that happy about brushing my teeth when I was 5 but I learned to do it pretty well.  And now it’s easy.

My dogs Ruben and Annie, the rambunctious weimaraners, were not all that happy about “going to their spot”.  However with enough repetitions of success they got it.  Actually, they really like “their spots” now.  Can you blame them?

So getting lean and growing your energy levels is going to take some work and it is not easy; at first.

But Christopher you are a chef, it has got to be easy, right?  Well,  not always.  That is why we approach the Program with the Good Better Best approach (GBB).  It is all about choices really. 
Some days you do well, some days you do great, and some days you just nail it. You have to live your life.  We have built the program with a few things in mind.  Sustainable weight loss, affordability, taste and comfort, ease and convenience.  Also I make myself available to all participants for help and support.  Anyone not agree?

Anything you hear out there that creates profound results quickly in my opinion is not easy and can not be done over night.  If you want to look great for an event, a reunion, you want to train for  hockey tournament, I can get you there in a hurry……but it is not going to last without some foundation.  What we provide hear at Leanergetix is a cornerstone, a support system and enough repetitions of success to keep you moving an full of engergy!

Shoot at the Right Target – The Body Fat Test

As we have gone through the quest together to be leaner, more nourished active members of society, we have many people lose over a ton of weight.  Weight is a great measure and gives most a real boost when they come out of the gates.

The problem is the minute we add exercise to The Leanergetic Program we gain muscle.  Why?  Being that the program is slightly ketegenic, extremely protein rich, and the fact we bring ourselves out of the catatonic state into anabolic so quickly each day, weight becomes a tricky unit of measure.

In order to be successful you have to measure though a “portal” into what is really going on in your body.  For instance, I have a subject who is losing body fat % but not weight at the rate he would like. He knows he is gaining muscle but still must live in a posture of doubt.  And really, weight loss game theory sort of goes out the window if you are having a competition to get jump started. Muscle takes up less space but the scale says different.  You get it.

You must know your body fat percent because I believe your body fat tells you more about your body than any other test outside of huge set of chem screens. Body fat percentage tells you of course how much blubber you have (I have 17.2 right now), your muscle mass and what exactly you need to gain or lose. All this being said, here are couple of ways you can accomplish this measurement.

  1. Go to your gym and get a body fat measurement.
  2. Find a bod pod near you. – Submersion tanks if you are the Altered States type.
  3. Buy a body fat caliper – try Walmart or your local gym outfitter.
  4. Because we have a love hate relationship with Tony at P90x – click on the link below: