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The Cost of Continuously Checking Email

Ahh confirmed by someone that had big credibility.


Ashton Kutcher on being a “magnificent failure”

The reocurring theme of just admitting your vurneability – and coming from ashton wow. reminds me of my favorite trading mentor “admit you are wrong, learn, move on”

TED Blog

“I am a magnificent failure,” Ashton Kutcher announced on the TEDYouth stage in New Orleans earlier today. “I screw up so much it hurts.”

The star of television show Two and a Half Men said this not to be self-deprecating or to beat up on himself, but to drive home the point that failure is a part of life — and one that can prompt profound “aha” moments. “You see, you have to take a risk to be a magnificent failure. The most successful people I know in the world are magnificent failures,” he said. (Read a write-up of Kutcher’s talk, as it is not yet available on video. While you’re there, read recaps of the other wonderful speakers at today’s conference.)

Kutcher was originally slated to give a much lighter talk at TEDYouth — on the things he learned working as a dishwasher, a butcher and a…

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Here is some interesting information I have been churning around for years but have never been able to put together til now. Weight loss myths, glycogen stores and low carb diets. This is something I have been preaching for years ~ “That we do not vilify carbohydrates, NAY! We just eat good ones”. Oh, I mean good for you carbs that is.                                               Note here that digestive fat is not you enemy either.  WHAT? Carbs and Fat not my enemy?  Yes.  Read on. ImageLeah told me once, you gotta have the carbs or YOUR workouts will be shit

If you dig into the facts, what weight really comes off during that first week or two of a low carb diet is not so impressive is it?  Well because weight is really a vanity metric.  It is way down the list of healthier living metrics as far as I am concerned.  Low carb diets are just not thee answer long term ………..Please Christopher do tell! Well, when you cut the carbs out of your diet, your body empties out the “emergency” stores of the carbohydrate it keeps in the liver and muscles in the form of a substance called glycogen. Glycogen is a normal part of our metabolism and allows us to do energy-intensive things like sprinting and jogging, Yates bent over rows (best single exercise in the gym), and explosive activities by letting us draw on the carbs stored in our muscles for energy. These are chains of glucose, Master Sugar if you will.  The big daddy of all sugars as far as an energy source is concerned.
Moreover, the glycogen stored in our liver allows us to keep our melon functioning. Makes us smarter, happier you know.  I liken this to a comfy night at the local Holiday Inn Express.  The normal person, someone eating say a regular well balanced diet needs 100-120 gr of glucose a day merely to supply the brain’s basic functional needs (unless you are like me and have to account for the extraordinary brain function). If the body can’t get glucose from the dietary sugar and carbohydrate fed on, it has two choices: 1. consume glycogen (the stored carbohydrate in the liver in this instance), or 2. convert another digestive substance for energy.  But what if there is are no dietary carbohydrates to munch on?  HMM Oh no not that…….In low/no carb environments we create with Atkins etc., the source the body will go to for energy is the muscle.  Oh SHIT.  Aren’t we trying to BUILD muscle not feed it to the body in the form of fuel?  Aye Aye Captain! To make it more clear for the lay person, the body converts protein into energy using a lengthy process called “gluconeogenesis” which takes place in the liver. I have provided this Simply Illustrated Explanation here:
Because we “Leanergetics”, and the body, want to avoid using its/our own muscle fibers for fuel, it does what it/we can to keep that liver glycogen store filled up. So now what? You pandering supplements Christopher?             You know me better than that. Hmm how bout another awesome health wellness offer on the interwebs.  Something say like this: ACT NOW!  Just pop a glycogen supplement in your gullet and wella, magic.  Lose 12 lbs in 6 days!  You must hurry ~ sign up now.  ~ THE END ~

C’Mon, we have seen enough of those right?  And this can’t be the end of my blog post because I haven’t even rambled on endlessly,,,,,,,yet! Now let’s move to Dog analogies. I do base my internet celebrity on comparisons of dogs to humans. This in mind, I submit the following argument.  George Hicox, an extraordinary dog trainer (the psychology), nutritionist (it’s the food stupid), and health practitioner (injury prevention~endurance), wrote in a 2003 article which has stuck with me over the years. “Fat is the most critical nutrition as digestible fat is the only easy way to increase caloric energy (I believe because we have a maximum of volume we can intake). Performance dogs (Leanergetix Master’s Program in humans) will STORE up to 50% of their energy requirements. In fact the more fat is put into the bloodstream there is more available to use. Studies now show that even an off-season dog (or sedentary human) will benefit from a high-fat high-protein balanced diet” (The Program). See George’s full article here.   And if you have gun dogs FFS attend one of his classes! George peaked my curiosity with the Glycogen replacement mantra almost 10 years ago, and I have wanted to create a Glycogen ingest-able for humans ever since.  If gun dogs like Annie (Yoked) and Ruben (not so much), eat, sprint, and sleep (recover), to get in great shape, then why won’t a high fat, high protein, well balanced diet, work for us?  ——    if followed precisely it can. Please note – this is for extremely active people performing sprints and high intensity resistance training not for people doing what Rueben and Annie are doing here.  For that kind of weight loss we have Leanergetix “The Program” for more sedentary dogs. It does work. We Leanergetics know it works….ask anyone.  Can I ask my mother, can I tell that I love her……….can I call her now?(Quote: F-Fletch) We know this to be true through experience with many subjects on the Leanergetix Master’s Program and though much of my own self experimentation.  You do not want to live me, no seriously. Nutritional research that shows that a typical 150 lb man holds about three quarters of a pound of glycogen. But what most people don’t know is that each molecule of glycogen is bound to four molecules of water. (well come to think of it most people do not know that a man holds any Glycogen). Water has weight too, a lot of weight. This means that when your liver and muscles are charged up with glycogen it adds an additional four or five pounds or more to your body weight.  Being that I am the Jerry McGuire of health coaches, this kid keeps asking me random questions.  “@Lentilchef, do you know how much a pound of water weighs?”Still of Renée Zellweger and Jonathan Lipnicki in Jerry Maguire “No Ray. How much?”  8.36 pounds slightly less than the human head!”  Thanks Ray. Those first few pounds on a low/no carb diet get you motivated to continue your diet.  I am all for that.  But if not followed by an exit strategy of maintenance, that weight returns swiftly and abandon rates on long term adherence to a sustainable nutritional plan skyrocket.  Digression ensues.  But hilarity does not. This is what happens after the medically supervised HCG diet. I had early success on this diet and if followed precisely it has tremendous benefits.  However, I now contend with the three week maintenance period of no sugar/no starch required after, why not just do the “Better than HCG diet” which is Leanergetix to the core.  No Sugar or Starch for three weeks and you are no worse for the wear.  You can loose a lb. a day on doing this, but it is still not the whole truth about body composition. AM I writing a book or a blog post?  Rabbit trails, rabbit trails, back to our main story. When you start a very low carb diet you cut off the body’s supply of dietary carbohydrate and this leads to a rapid emptying of these liver and muscle glycogen stores. And when you lose that glycogen, you also lose the associated water; not to mention stamina and endurance in a big way sweety cakes.  That’s the reason why, during the first couple days of a low carb diet, you lose weight so dramatically. It’s also why you may feel slimmer and lose “inches.” You haven’t lost fat. You’ve simply dumped the water out of your muscles,and most alarmingly, your liver and your heart. This is why I insist that our participants measure body fat content and measure it as they go along.  It tells the story more precisely about body composition.  But weight is the vanity value.  As you know, Leanergetix is about rich life and goes beyond vanity.  We need to know, are we losing fat and gaining muscle? Yes…..awesome. But what happens when you go off the diet for one day like during the Leanergetix Swedish Saturday? If you eat a significant amount of carbs, your liver and muscles grab glucose from your bloodstream to replenish your emergency supply of glycogen . As they do this, four molecules of water join each molecule of glycogen  and, as fast as you can say, “For f(*ks sakes @Lentilchef I gained 8 lbs. on Saturday”!) The pounds you lost all week stack up on your all ready distended boiler like canned hams.  Be not discouraged and stop the weighing thing already, get your body ft measured. So does it take a boatload of carbs to replenish your Glycogen?  I think not.  Lyle McDonald’s book, The Ketogenic Diet, and in the cyclical Ketogenic Diet, the author assumes that three quarters of a pound of glycogen that a 150 lb. person stores in his body only equates to about 70 grams of carbohydrate.  That, plus the Glycogen stored in the muscles added to it, you simply have to Eat that half a bag of white chips you love so much and you have arrived.  Plenty of carbs loaded for the next week.  You are replenished. So if you cut your carbs or eat slow carbs (as recommended by yours truly, also in BFL, 4 Hour body, Slow CarbDiet ), you eliminate the blood sugar swings that cause hunger in most people and dips in your energy levels later in the day. The cravings you used to get when dieting may fade out in as little as two weeks (when I figure out the psychological cravings I will put my peanut butter down). When you stop eating in response to those nasty hunger cravings, you will find it much easier to eat a whole lot less than you used to. It is the drop in calorie intake that follows this drop in hunger that that results in the very real and often dramatic weight loss so many long-term low carbers report. Will you gain it all back when you go off the diet? I’m hear to report; you will, and then some. If you go off plan for a day, gain a few pounds of water weight don’t panic when you step on the scale. That instant 3 to 8 pounds you gained is only water.  how bout not ever weighing on Sunday why not just weigh on Saturday mornings.  Then eat a high fat, high protein, high fiber breakfast going into the rest of your Swedish Saturday and maybe even perform a high intensity resistance training sessions.  Your off to the races. Conclusion.  Let’s get on a sustained program that increases energy and promotes real fat loss while adding to our muscle composition. Is this possible?  HELLO.  See Greatist for more tips We do not have  problem with digestive fat on our Programs especially if your active, so go out and have a little peanut butter and rendered Kobe beef fat (Snake River Farms) drizzled over your Breyer’s no sugar added Ice Cream, and have a wonderful fat losing~learning experience. Throw some toasted Macadamia nuts on there for good measure why don’t you, and remember this program is simple, and its here to stay. Now you say what is this Leanergetix diet?  It’s a personal program delivered to each person individually.  We do promise three things: it will simple (not EASY), it will be Badass tasty, and it will be inexpensive.  We teach three things; How to shop, how to cook, and how to eat.  One more thing if you commit yourself to this simple protocol you will lean up, you will gain extraordinary energy, and your life will get better! So back to my title, if taken in the context of a healthy eating lifestyle like Greatist the best health and wellness site out there, you can, and should eat these things! 3et’s se what you are made of, comment below.

How to Carry a Heavy Bag without Wrecking Your Body

This is so true. The laptop. The iPad. The Water. The Protein Bars. The Cords. The Magazines you Never Read. The Softball for Rolling Out Back Pain Created by Your Overloaded Bag. the Lentils. the Chicken. The Broccoli Florets.

Weight Loss Resoution? Don’t Get Sick!

What is L-Glutamine

Glutamine is an amino acid or protein building block produced by the body. It serves a variety of functions in supporting the IMMUNE, nerve, and digestive systems. Glutamine occurs naturally in the body and is also found in many of the leanergetix foods most importantly, lentils and beans! Morevover if you are eating whole foods like the recommended  poultry, cottage or ricotta cheese, spinach, kale and cabbage. Red meats like wild game and Bison are further excellent sources of Glutamine.  Along with the benefits, glutamine also has some side effects and I would not be doing you a quality service if I didn’t at least mention them.
If you are going to change your life in the form of a new years resolution you need to prepare your body for the shock of the change.  If you are changing you diet (90% of the weight loss quotient), or starting to exercise vigorously, your immune system is going to experience stress.  Not to mention the psychological stress of dieting (see The Great Starvation Experiment).  So if you must resolve and make a change, take your Glutamine.

Starvation Experimentation – Psychology

This book covered a little known but true experiment done towards the end of World War II in the US, where researchers wanted to learn how to help people who had endured serious famine and starvation recover. However, where to get the human subjects?
With war comes Conscientious Objectors (COs) and so a number of them (all men, of course) signed up and went through a selection process for the year-long project. They would be systematically (and voluntarily) starved for a period of time to enable scientists to find out how best to help famine victims recover.
The Principal Investigate (PI) was Dr. Ancel Keys – he who invented the K Ration for military personnel (that later became Meals Ready to Eat/MREs).  (Keys was also going to be responsible later on for linking cholesterol with heart disease.)
Funded by the U.S. Army and located in the basement of the University of Minnesota football stadium, 36 men were chosen and invited to make their new home in the dormitory set up. There, they would have to face a nearly constant battery of medical tests (along with psychological tests as well), and fulfill the expectation of walking at least 22 miles/week – all on the honor system of not eating off the official diet. (They could walk into town where there were restaurants etc. so the temptation was there.)
Such an experiment would not be allowed now as medical ethics have evolved, but back then, it was OK. The US knew that WWII would lead to widespread famine post-war, there was a group of healthy young men (all COs) who were willing to sign up for their country and their idealism, and there was available funding.
This was really quite a fascinating story (especially during the actual starvation stage). The subjects could eat during the starvation phase of the project, but it was extremely-controlled calorie-wise and menu-wise. The average man lost 25% of his beginning body weight and the photos documenting this weight loss are dramatic. (Life magazine did a special article on the experiment towards the end when the men had lost most of their weight.)
It was also intriguing to see how the lack of fuel affected the men, both physically and mentally. One man was booted out of the experiment for cheating and eating extra food (found out as he wasn’t losing weight at the same rate as the others).  Everyone else stayed the course, although not without event. Other results also noted included hearing being more acute during starvation (perhaps from the need to hunt for food?), and intellect not being adversely affected (although the subjects reported that they felt less smart when they were hungry).
As for the end results of the project, researchers learned how to effectively help famine victims recover. Previous knowledge was that the best way to re-introduce food to a starving person was through a stomach tube. Keys’ study showed that it was important just to give them calories, not a special complicated mix of proteins, carbs and fats. Food was what they needed. (This project also helped with treatment of those with eating disorders, as those have a very similar effect on the human body as this experiment did.)

When it comes to big changes it is important we understand nutrient delivery, timing, and our body’s response to these variables.  I digress…….


Glutamine is an important amino acid in a variety of metabolic processes. It helps regulate the body’s pH, or the balance of acids and bases, required for the proper functioning of cells. It also helps  regulate blood glucose levels and can be converted to glucose or energy for the body when needed, according to the vitamins and health supplements guide website. Glutamine also supports the HGH, or human growth hormone secretion. HGH plays a large role in fat metabolism and muscle growth.

Glutamine peptides are sold as a nutritional supplement to improve muscle and soft tissue repair following exercise, injury or surgery. While glutamine is generally well-tolerated, glutamine peptides are more potent and may result in side effects. Consult with your physician prior to using a supplement containing glutamine peptides.

Bottom Line – when you deliver nutrients is as important as what you deliver.  i suggest if you are going on a new program, take your Glutamine.  It may just keep you out of the doctor’s office.

Energy – The Garage Project

The energy we have received as a benefit of the Leanergetic Diet is a surplus of energy.  You can not just tell people they will have more energy, you have to show them.  I have heard so many of our program participants say “it is the energy I can’t believe I’ve gained.  It is mind blowing”.

Yes, you fell so much better when you are eating right, but that is not sexy, that does not sell.  So as I went through the Program with a new aspiring group of Participants in the early Fall this year, I had unexplainable energy.  What did I do?  I cleaned the garage and epoxied the floor.

Life Changer

Unbelievable what you can do with your new found energy