Hockey…Fly Fishing…Weight Loss: 3 Lessons on ACTION

1) Hockey

I was blessed this weekend with the opportunity to play hockey in McCall, ID inside what is arguably one of the most spectacular barns around, Manchester Ice center! As usual I was the least skilled player on all rosters, but this time not necessarily the least fit. Not by a long shot (sorry guys).

What else is awesome is that I was able to play with a couple of recently retired NHL Players and a few others that could have been in “The Show” if things would have played out a little differently.  It is more than surreal.

Over 70 years playing hockey, he is more than an inspiration, he is a legend!

Now what is most exciting for me is that the four pairs of steel that rode the ice this weekend are actually participants in “The Program”.  All of which turned heads with their newly earned energy and leaner physiques (Leanergetix eh!).  As a matter of fact many memorable comments were made like the following ones which one overhears in the locker room:

“Claunch used to look like John Kruk on ice, but now being leaner he just looks like Will Ferrell out there!”

If I had a dollar for every person that says I remind them of Will Ferrell

And my favorite:
“I was taking notes out there on Ron‘s game and I had to stop cause I ran out of pages!”
~Ex NHLer with 2 Stanley Cup Rings~

I could go on all day.

Now I say all of that because my friend Ron was spectacular this weekend putting 5 in the basket in our first game.  What is cool is that he didn’t pursue professional hockey.  No he chose to follow his passions in life.
Moreover, what I think is important  here is that he knew what he wanted to in life and against conventional wisdom, he took subsequent action and did it until it was unsustainable. 
Although he didn’t end up working in his first passion forever, he worked on and eventually was faced with another crossroads later in life.  Once again he took the tough road.  He chose to go after his passion.  He took action!

Today he is the Best Realtor in the world right here in Boise, Idaho.  (and he still plays hockey with The Greatest Hockey Club on ICE too!)

 Life Lesson: Don’t be a linking verb! When passion calls, answer!

2) Fly Fishing

Now you’re probably thinking, where is this jackass going with this?  What does this have to do with fly fishing or weight loss?  Keep your pants on cha cha, I will get there.

The Bone and I fly fish quite often when the weather is right like this beautiful November day on Silver Creek (42 Degrees, Sunny).  As you can see she is stalking the elusive Idaho Native BrownBow.  Now fly fishing Silver Creek is quite challenging.  The fish are wary, the water is crystal clear, and they are getting rattlin spoons thrown at them almost all year long.  That being said you have to approach getting these fish to rise to your fly with a skillful strategy.  Often times we are subjected to using small tippets and two flys (which never tangle).  Please see professional fly fishing diagram I drew up to help my nieces and nephews.

So we fish with an emerger and a dropper.  The dropper sinks a little behind the dry fly and the dry fly moves or drops abruptly when and fish strikes.  That being said, the bites are sometimes very subtle.  So I gently and lovingly advised The Bone to raise her rod tip if she even had a sneaking suspicion that the fly moved or sunk. She dutifully responded with big fish.  And then her hooking percentage improved dramatically.

Truth be told, The Bone does get all Brad Pitt on me occasionally and I find her shawdow casting on the banks of the MALAD in Hagerman, ID.

As we talked about the experience several times over the last couple of weeks we revisited this experience as the “why not lift the rod tip (take action), if you don’t you will not catch a fish for sure. But if you try it, you just might!”  So what have you lost if just take action?  Nothing.  Pretty good risk/reward profile eh?

Life Lesson: Don’t be a linking verb, Take action!

3) Losing Weight:

You are now thinking OMG, more?  Anyone ever tell you the horse is dead? Well the answer is yes, but I really enjoy hearing myself talk.

When I was 290 lbs. there were two doctors that mentioned to me with candor (and I paraphrase), “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not 5 years from now, but if you don’t take action, you will die.”

As I thought about making a life change, I thought, “what do I have to lose if I give it a whirl?  Maybe some time, a little discomfort, a few less chocolate covered peanuts?”Additionally I thought to myself over and over, “How do I feel after I eat whether it is fish and chips or if I eat a Chicken and arugula salad?” FULL that is how I feel. (Full without the guilt on the later)

Nutshell; I almost gave up the life I had today for a few seconds of pleasing comfort food and a few refreshing beers each day.

What should I do, “Take action and learn about nutrition delivery and timing and reinvent my diet, or do nothing and blow up like a June bug!” Now that is a pretty easy risk equation isn’t it? I took action. I studied for years on nutrient delivery and timing and created The Program.

Life Lesson: Don’t be a linking verb, Get on the Program!



Eat Like Santa – Look Like Kringle

I promise 3 things: it will be simple (Not Easy), save you $, and the taste of the meals will be remarkable! Call me at 208-724-3791. Additionally we have a few nights left in December to come cook at your house for an emergency last minute holiday party (I can cook awesome traditional meals too).

I used to  model for “BEFORE” shoots!


I have been asked by several of you to teach you to COOK HEALTHY and teach clients “The Program” so you can actually lose weight during December. I am offering personal, Pain Free Holiday Dieting for the first 8,7,6, only 5 more people who respond to this offer $300 off normal Retail price.  Everybody who has stuck with this program for 3 weeks has shown tremendous progress.  Saturdays you eat and drink what ever you want.  That is 100% success.

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We do have a small consultation for those who WANT to get lean and stop the insanity of the holiday feeding frenzy. This program is for those who want to learn to shop, learn to cook, learn to eat, learn to taste.  You must have a smart phone and a true desire to stick to the Program.  Besides that I will do the rest.  We will be in touch with you every day to remind you and teach you new things along the way.

“I have lost 34 lbs of fat in 7 weeks and the daily support and cooking classes are so unbelievable.  I don’t even obsess on what I get to eat on Swedish Saturdays anymore.  It has become easy for me”.
~Tennis Professional~

“For me it is more of a body transformation from fat to muscle i have only lost 5 lbs. on the scal wat is so great for me is how awesome i feel and the amazing energy!
~Retired NHL Player~

I promise 3 things: it will be simple (Not Easy), save you $, and the taste of the meals will be remarkable! Call me at 208-724-3791. Additionally we have a few nights left in December to come cook at your house for an emergency last minute holiday party (I can cook awesome traditional meals too).

Call quickly the schedule is filling up!

Prepared Lentils Hit The Mainstream

Well it’s happening. Not since the peasants revolted against the monarchies at the end of the Dark Ages have lentils made such a massive move into the lives of the everyday people! Yes it’s true, prepared lentils in the produce section at WalMart.

Check Out

Now I’m am going to check with TSA on the acceptability of packaged lentils going through airport security (long time followers are familiar with how many times I have had my lentils and beans confiscated at the airport).

Let it be known that these little beauties will be the newest member of my travel arsenal. Suffice it to say, if you are not traveling with lentils and legumes in a travel pack (along with tuna packets, hard boiled eggs, prepared chicken breasts, broccoli florets, celery sticks, et al) you may want to reevaluate your strategy for stress free adherence to The Program.

I love this saying so much that Teresa sent to me for a little inspiration yesterday….thanks Bone.

Red Skies and Pizza Pies

I like to call these Lentilscapes because without that nutrient rich little beast I might have missed this! @lentilchef

Ok here we go, we are moving to what would be called the True Master’s Program (not ProgramPlus).  The previous Program we were slightly ketegentic and having have completed this has prepared your body for actual ketosis. However in both cases we carb cycle out with Swedish Saturdays, and in both cases we use the GOOD,BETTER, BEST (GBB) approach.  The difference is stricter adherence to calorie restriction and tracking of intake, yields more flexible eating on the weekend.  What does that mean for us?  How about carb night on Fridays now too!!!!!  WOOOHOOOO – sticking the theme of more digestive fat, why not eat a little pizza and let’s shed a little more body fat!  Stay tuned.

Find Out More – 208-615-LEAN

Now here is a link that explains very well why explosive exercise is so awesome.  I do not want you to do the workout or do I suggest you body art or you jumping ship for BB.COM.  I just think this is an applicable resource for Master’s Program students. SPRINT don’t JOG

She Sprints, She Eats, She Recovers
AHHH Recovery is Bliss

You have 8.5 Minutes For Cardio?

If you have 8.5 minutes for Cardio and you are doing long slow distance now, I may have just what the doctor ordered.  I have been researching explosive exercise for Cardiovascular Health, Training, Speed, Fat Loss, Endurance (yes I said endurance), and in some cases help for early onset Alzheimer’s.  Moreover, high intensity training has shown to provide a better quality of life for Parkinson’s sufferers.  I am not trying to start an argument here check it out for yourself Forced exercise and Parkinson’s .

Now just a suggestion as always.  Try walking briskly for 1 Minute to warm up and then:
Sprinting for 45 sec, brisk walk for 30 seconds and repeat 5 times.  Your done.  If you can do this twice a day wow.

See excerpt in this article from the NY Times:

Dr. Gaesser, however, asked his volunteers to walk briskly at an intensity equaling about 75 percent of each volunteer’s maximum heart rate for 10 minutes three times during the day. The sessions took place at 9:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

On a separate day, the volunteers completed one 30-minute supervised session of brisk walking in midafternoon, while on a final day, they did not exercise at all.

All of them wore cuffs that monitored blood pressure continuously for 24 hours at a time.
As it turned out, exercise was helpful in controlling blood pressure, but breaking up the workout into three short sessions was significantly more effective than the single half-hour session. “The fractionized exercise led to lower average 24-hour blood pressure readings,” Dr. Gaesser says.

It also resulted in lower blood pressure “load,” or the number of incidences during the day when a volunteer’s blood pressure spiked above 140/90. Lowering blood pressure load is important, he points out, because a relatively high load “seems to be an indicator that someone with prehypertension is likely to progress” to full-blown, clinically high blood pressure.  Read Full Story

All the kids are doing it.  It works.  We have made huge fat loss and energy gains with only this type of cardio.  My health numbers are so improved. You will have to wait for the book for these numbers.

If you can’t run the sprints run the stairs.  If you are unable to run stairs skip every step or walk them briskly.  If you can only walk to the mailbox, do it twice.  A little more each time.  We just want you to get moving so you can see and do more things in life!  Life will get better I assure you.

Exploring Metabolic Adaptation

The title of this blog post will have readers clamoring to get a spot in line to read it first, I know.

 And all though I tested this post first by getting insomniacs to fall asleep, it is really a key component to my assumptions about glycogen and increased energy and endurance.  How muscle growth and fat burning are a result of well executed nutrient delivery and timing.  So if you can’t sleep anyway, give it a read.  I will always be looking for ways to source more endurance and personal energy.

Great news our metabolism adapts to changing conditions, the bad news is it is typically working against us.  Weeeeeheeeeeee another hurdle to overcome in our quest for that six pack.

As we get closer to our leaner goals, our metabolism slows.  What’s interesting is most people have been led to believe the opposite is true.  Many people eat more as they become leaner because they believe their metabolism is up.  Not the case.   From a purely caloric perspective, the lower in body fat% you go, the more calories you must restrict and the harder you must exercise.

However there are ways to turn this adaptation into a benefit if we understand the delivery of fuel to the muscle cells and the delivery of Glycogen (a group of glucose ((sugar cells)) to the muscles.  And the fact our endurance can also adapt to changing conditions will enable us to achieve our goals when the chips are down, when we are in that overtime period of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Now for more of the technical physiology we defer Dr. Mike Davis of Oklahoma Sate University.

…samples taken immediately after they(iditirod dogs) finished racing and samples taken many hours afterwards. The muscle tissue was tested for muscle glycogen levels. The researchers found that during the first day of racing, the sled dogs used a significant portion of their stored glycogen. On the last day of racing, though, the sled dogs had used only a small portion of their stored glycogen, even though they had completed the same amount of exercise. Based on this experiment, Dr. Davis concluded that the sled dogs must adapt to such strenuous levels of exercise so that they no longer rely on their stored glycogen.

In a previous set of experiments, he and his team took blood samples of dogs before, during, and after racing five consecutive days. The blood samples were tested for many components, including two important markers of tissue damage: creatine phosphokinase (CPK) and cardiac troponin. When tissue cells die, their components are released into the blood stream, so high levels of these components indicate tissue damage. CPK is a marker for skeletal muscle cell damage and cardiac troponin indicates cardiac muscle cell damage. Dr. Davis found that CPK and cardiac troponin levels in the sled dogs were high after the first day of exercise, indicating significant tissue damage which would be expected from such strenuous exercise. After several days, though, these levels started to decrease as the dogs adapted to the high levels of exercise.
Fatigue, and Then No Fatigue
The experiments on muscle glycogen levels supported Dr. Davis’s previous findings on CPK and cardiac troponin. After the first day of exercise, the dogs exhibited all the symptoms of strenuous exercise: fatigue, decreased glycogen reserves, and increased tissue damage. By the last days of the race, though, these symptoms had dissipated and the dogs were not experiencing fatigue. In fact, their glycogen reserves had increased, and the CPK and cardiac troponin levels were lower. With these changes the sled dogs were the same metabolically on the last day of racing as the first, except for the fact that they were burning 8,000 calories per day. “The sled dogs’ ability to adapt is absolutely astonishing,” remarked Dr. Davis. “We now know what they’re doing. What we want to know is how.” 
My assumption is that the dogs are either being administered high levels of protein, high levels of fat and low levels of slow burning carbohydrates, they are being administered external source of glycogen, or both.  I think it is both.  Any mushers out thee that confirm my assumptions?

Bad news, if we train hard we our body will adapt, and then we will have to train harder to get leaner.

Good news, with are new found nutrient intake, we will have the energy!

If so this would be in line of what we are trying to achieve with Leanergetix.    Of course we can not administer external glycogen today but we can control what we eat and when.
So we will continue to eat a high Protein, med fat, and low slow carbohydrate diet as we continue to lean up.  Further, we will need endurance with the declining number of calories we will be ingesting as we get leaner so nutrient delivery and timing will become more paramount here.
Is my assumption ludicrous or could it make sense?

If this is interesting to you. 

I was Beyond Hope Last Night!

I really was.  I went on an impromptu trip to the Northern Idaho – I received a call Wednesday proposing an adventure to North Idaho. After that phone conversation with a remarkable friend, I found myself at the crossroads in Hope, ID 400 miles from home.

I finally made it to my newly adopted second home, to my ultimate destination. It should be noted, I made a right turn at this sign and not a left.  Why?

Not long ago, I was in fact myself, beyond hope (I thought).  Think about this word: hopeless (without hope).  I had talked myself into the fact there was nothing I could do to change things.  Sad isn’t it?

This sign moved me to reminisce of my not so happy days.  I was a bit broken, a lot heavier, and I lacked energy and drive.  Life sucked pretty bad. 

Things have changed, haven’t they?  Yes they have, dramatically.

How? Just a little decision and subsequent action. A small behavior change or two has brought me to the place I am today! WOW.  Small changes can make a profound impact on were you are today, and most certainly where you end up.

One day while laying around feeling a smidgen of self-pity,  I just thought if I can just start eating right, take care of my body, and do a little more exercise each day, I can see myself in control of my life again (hope).  I know this is cliche’ but I have not turned back since.

Many people when moving at the speed of life these days, can feel overwhelmed by many things. They do not want to think about health and wellness.  They do not have time to prepare meals.  They don’t know what to eat nor when to eat it. Exercise or focus on diet; what should I do they ask.  These unfortunate people just have no hope in this part of their lives.  They default to the simple, the quick, and the convenient.  This can be devastating.  It also can be quite sad.

I am here to report it does not have to be this way.  The only call to action here I am suggesting is, to make a little change for the better and your life.  It will get better, a whole lot better.  If you are beyond hope just give it whirl and let me know how things improve.

“Most people paralyzed by fear. Overcome it &; you take charge of your life & your world.” ~Steve Case~ @stevecase

Yes I am Happy in this picture I just have a mouthful  of  food in this amazing Lentilscape!

This is a climb I could not have made 2 years before, and notice no sweat on my hat like there is on my buddy’s. Oh, and a similar climb slightly before two years ago sent me to the doctor for an EKG, a stress test,and a couple simple changes.  What do you think?
“I’ve decided I must live THIS life for some time to come.The liberty and majesty is too remarkable to pass up.” ~The Lentilchef~

Simple, Inexpensive, and Scrumptious

Dr. Bone and I often sit around the dinner table reflecting on why we even have a Swedish Saturday at all sometimes.   “This food is so amazing”. “Wow we really killed it this time”, little Batman bubbles over our heads with each exclamation. (to Andrew Bauman wherever you are), thank you for not letting expletives like, “yikes”, “Blam”, and”Zowie” get too far away from our nomenclature.

So what do we promise on Leanergetix Program? To keep it Simple, Inexpensive, and Tasty.  Is that possible?

Well, take the most nutrient rich item on the planet since the yogurt covered pretzels; Yellow Split Peas! They can be substituted for rice or small pastas in most applications in the kitchen.  And they are great all different kinds of ways.  They can even be substituted for “Shramp” in the famous Forrest Gump dialogue as far as variety goes.

You say no way – I say WAY.  Check this out;

Broccoli Obrien’s

We have made the Broccoli stem a staple in our program from the very start.  If you are looking for cruciferous (stemmy and leafy) vegetable look no further than the Broccoli stem! Here is a look at culinary compatriot and friend Mike whipping up a few in the kitchen Saturday Morning.

Broccoli stems are as nutritious as the broccoli crown. One hundred grams of broccoli stems contains 28 calories, 2.98 grams of protein, 48 milligrams of calcium, .88 milligrams of iron, 25 milligrams of magnesium, 325 milligrams of potassium, 27 milligrams of sodium and 400 IU of vitamin A. One hundred grams of broccoli florets contains identical nutrition information, making broccoli stems just as healthy and vitamin-packed as the more visually appealing broccoli florets.

I cook them in chicken bullion for about six minutes and throw them in the fridge until I need them then saute them in with veggies in a little olive oil spray.  Delicious.  

Nothing tastes as good as six pack feels

Need I say more?

You ever notice you never hear people that look like this saying, “it was easy”  or “I did this in 10 days.”?

Stay tuned for more information on our Six pack solstice competition that will run from the first Sunday after Thanksgiving until the end of the world 12/21/2012.